The need to know


I arrived at the station the other day and although I knew that the tram comes approximately every ten minutes, I checked the time table in order to know the exact time of departure or some possible delay. Although I was not in hurry, I realized that I like to know the circumstances of virtually anything. I knew that I shall enter the tram even if it had a delay and yet I checked the time. I also think that many problems arise from not knowing and although knowing something may not change anything, the fact alone means a lot for us. It is like with truth. very often we do not know what really truth is but it is our nature to seek it. it may sound paradoxical but I agree that there is not a rational reason to seek something that we are not able to denote and define precisely, or at least find a general consensus about truth. truth is relative after all and very chagneable. or is it not? may truth be something universal, that we all know about intrinsically and only need to listen to our inner self to learn it? today we see politicians that tell lies (what is a lie?) and noone cares about it. if we want to know what lie is, we need to define truth as well. for the purpose of this article and topic of politics we can say that truth and lie are opposing forces excluding each other. for example in my view – and hopefully can be said generally – that a lie is when prime minister and president of our Czech republic say that we should guard our borders against migrants because they pose a fear for us. I dare say that winning votes due to these propositions is immensely dangerous because people agree that they give their votes easily to anyone who promises them easy solutions like-yes, we shall have a better society-. people accept that just saying this stupidity it is enough and do not think about all the issues behind it. another issue I would like to highlight is that there is no small lie. our current prime minister Babis said a lie that he can solve anything and almost a third of people gave him their vote. take also into consideration that he was then a person accused of fraud avoiding paying taxes. now he asked to be not only prime minister but also a minister of justice which I think is ludicruous. a person that should go to jail wants to be a minister of justice. here we see that, hopefully, many people who gave him their vote would not vote for him now they see this but there is not a possiblity of stepping back, a small lie brought much serious and grave problems about. nevertheless, I think that out society is in such a wealth that we need to be punished for our hipocrisy a bit in order to appreciate the wealth we have, we can now hope that once the prime minister Babis steps down or is imprisoned, the state of state is not be in such a dire state that it would not be reparable.

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