The illusion of truth in affirmation of facts

I listen to a program on the radio that talked about the facebook pages of german political parties. The core of the broadcast was that extremist party like alternative fur deutschland (AfD) receives much more attention than other -not so radical- parties with similar amount of voters. It said that although the amount of mild voters compared to those for extremists is similar, on the social networks, the fans are much more active. The reason for it is that people with radical view are usually much more active in pursuit of what they consider evil or enemy. Another very vital issue is that negative advertisment is better than no advertisment. fans seek to like what AfD posts on the facebook page and the reason to like it is to affirm their views. I realized that I also do it very often. instead of looking for facts, I try to look for facts that support my view or even worldview. we all like to be right and we try to support the ˋtruthˋwe hold as truthful. finding a common enemy is much more interesting that finding reasons for being good, for bonum comune. rivalry is much more fun after all. nevertheless, the negative people get even more negative and belligerent and the positive people stay always almost the same. I think that we do it in order to either keep our ego of -I am right- elevated or to cling to at least some kind of stronghold of security in this ever changing world around us. I think that it is the reason why people hold to religion today. they cling to dogmas that tell them how to live instead of following the subjective faith that improves our individual rethinking and reconsidering everything critically. reflection of things again and again is what keeps our mind bright, not dogmas that tell how to live. I think that a proof for a critical analytical mind is the ability to be opened to all views and ideas and more crucially to give up old dogmas, religions in order to gain the truth and true faith. this shall never be achieved because it is a proces. truth cannot be gained yet we should strive to grasp it little by little. peace is process, not something that can be grasped and comes for all time. it is like democracy- the fact that we have it here right now does not mean that it remains to be here tomorrow, it must be daily fought for. as a Roman catholic, I believe that the doctrines of church are correct, yet I think about it critically and would willingly give up my religion-not faith- if a radical muslim gave up his view of no rights for women, non believers and such ludicrious views.


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