democracy vs liberty

I read a book about the future of liberty and I would like to share afew hints. Democracy arrised when the middle class grew up, strenghtened itself and could fight the upper class, burgeousie and aristocracy. paradoxically the most sustainable democratic states are those the got rid of its imposers, colonialist and imperialists, not those that arised from a weak system of government. a strong government needs to have the power to rule the people and control itself, not vica versa. if it controls people, then we get a totalitarian state, if it rules itself, we get an elite government unable to lead the mass, gain power from the layers down, where there is the most mass of people that should decide who governs. another interesting point is that the richer the society, the probable that democracy rules the country because the more freedom we have, the more enterpreneurs arise. on the other hand, although trade needs freedom, once the upper class is too rich, then it does not concern liberty, but only democracy-in a way a semblance of freedom. we can have a fully fledged democracy and yet we may have not a stitch of liberty in a state. the mass may want to choose a leader that is democratically chosen yet does not allow people to decide in some ways. on one hand we should havea powerful governemnt that does not let or allow the mass to do everything that it wants and yet we should not the government to stop controlling itself. if the upper class gets too influential, then although we live in a democratic society, we may be witneses to the fall of govenment and start of control of the mass-the power to rule should lead from the masses, not upside down.


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