who depends on whom

I saw a man in a car who finished his cigarette and threw the thumb out of the car without any doubt about polluting the road. how come so many people, myself including in some ways, lost the feeling of belonging to the same world as other beings that consequently get damaged by such reckless behaviour? after all, we all get the final countdown for our deeds because we also live in the world we pollute which is insane. any other specie on the planet does not throw rubbish in its nest or even envionment, why people do and do it not as a last option but merely as something they dont really care about? I even think that people do not like their planet because they are so foolishly reckless to it. it is our home, all of it, not only our house or flat that we keep clean but also the road that we use to commute to work, school or relatives. the ability to understand that the world of today is a complex one, not one kept in small community is vital to the feeling of solidarity towards the planet. on one hand, we influence the planet as never in the past and as no other specie was able to, on the other hand, we can only live in what we created and paradoxically, our life would be healthier in a world unaffected by human. we depend on the planet, the planet does not depend on us. people nevertheless live in small communities and it is proven that one is incapable of living in a direct and genuine contact with more than approximately thirty persons and is unable to be in at least a superficial (mutual) contact with more than a houndred persons. although we live in communities we should not lose the feeling that the problem that arises in this part may occur or influence other part of the globe and also vica versa. unless we understand that we are in the end those suffering for our behaviour, not the planet, we cannot sustain this standard of living we hold now.


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