who wields the power

I realized recently, that the worldy hierarchy notwithstanding, the power does not grow with the statues or the position on the social ladder. It seems to me, and my boss pointed this out, that although one makes rules, the reality is usually different – and this may not be inevitably disadvantage. I saw an interview with a congestion expert who claimed that the more rules we have, the less fluent traffic we get. for example in India where there is virtually lawlessness on the road, the traffic is nevertheless much more fluent- exactly due to the lack of -for us- necessary rules. they stick their cars in all possible and impossible places and do not hold spaces between cars so that more of them are capable of entering the road. they also use the horn much more without the need to some higher authority to direct them. I also think that although people higher in the hierarchy do have more official power, they are very constricted to use it because the more power one has, the more restrained one is because every usage of power against the will of those under results in its opposite- not obeying or obeying with grudge which does not lead to higher effectivity. a boss that imposes certain rules must understand the people who are to follow them and not go against what they want to do, the boss can only direct the way the people go, not change it. the people must see a form and content, meaning in what they are to do according to the bosses view. after all, I think that for example in the social sphere and healthcare I work in, people most estemeed are those in the primary contact with the clients they help, they are those that make all the work possible. this is I think the real help. the boss is paradoxically in the hands of those below who trust him that he goes the right way and not against them, because people cannot do what they do not believe, at least not in the long run. zh


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