flying thoughts

I read a quotation by Buddha, I guess, or Krishnamurti, who claimed that we should avoid flying thoughts. today when concentration is something not only deficient in human minds but virtually extinc, I cannot agree more. The more things I do together, the more time I need to start concentrating on something, anything, more deeply and essentially. I think that we cannot avoid being in surrounding of disturbance of concentration, but multitasking is something that may not be beneficial after all. I read an article which claimed that the more things we do at one time, the more the brain gets a feeling of danger because multitasking simulates the time when in prehistoric times the human had to be aware of everything around that might hurt him. today,we need not to be afraid of danger of being killed and eaten as in the past, but the brain responses to the influx of flying thoughts and also things from outside in the same manner. on one hand, we should try to control or at least moderate perceptions from outside but also from the inside. one may think that avoiding perceptions from the outside is harder, but once we get rid of such surrounding, we are in silence, but are we calm at once? I dont think so. becoming calm takes time and also a great effort, not only because we are not used to it. flying thoughts is what naturally occurs because we are used to deal with many things at the same time. on one hand, it disturbs us but on the other, it makes us feel worthy and needed. brain after all need a time to rest and regenerate, that is the reason why we should avoid flying thoughts, at least a few minutes a day. it is also a sign of maturity, the ability to avoid ideas and thoughts that may be pleasant to us but about which we know that makes us disturbed. we should acknowledge that thought did come, come and will come, what we can do is not hoping that we come to a more slower age in the some time in the future, we should rather come to the conclusion that although perceptions from the outside and from the inside come be that as it may, we have the choice to not let them disturb us nevertheless. we may concentrate on what we want the thoughts notwithstanding and that is by focusion on nothing. one of the most basic forms of meditation is breathing-focusing on nothing but deep inhale and exhale and after a few minutes this turns into natural instinct and the thinking gets relaxed. it is not necessary to meditate for long, even a few minutes a few times a day helps a lothhh


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