pessimism vs optimism

My melancholic nature sometimes makes me feel that it is much more reasonable to be a pesimist than an optimist because pessimist are usually right more often than optimists, from the prozaic view that things in life do not come usually as we would like them to be. which, i must add, is not straightforwardly good or bad. I think that once we agree that things in life are not supposed to be as we would like them to be, we get a sense of maturity and humbleness (not meekness right away). if I get angry because something does not appear as I would like it to be, I may on one hand say with grudge that I was right thinking pessimistically, but I may also say that even thought things do not come to be as i want it, it is better than the former ideas of mine. taking everything with stoic calmness is not necessary. I would even say that wrath in some way is necessary because today it is seen as something detrimental to human and to society but in the past it was seen as something that that was a natural way to get rid of some problem that could not be solved otherwise. even today we see that people go to the hockey matches or discos to scream and shout. the only difference is that today we have places where such behavious is accepted and where it is not accepted which in my view is a right way to go because that is what our society is based on-respecting certain rules. the rules are here not to change us but inhibit unacceptable behaviour and steer to places where it does not bother anyone


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