The semblance of power

I noticed the certainty with which people try to control everthiing around them. take for example such primitive instance as having dogs on the lead. at first, all dogs evolved from wolves, they were used as helpers to people. they might have been led on the leashes but I think that back then they were used and perceived more as partners than as ˋgadgetsˋfor those who need it. notice also that people that were not endowed with great height usually want to have big dogs, men usually, women do not consider their height as important as men- they have diffeent assets that they measure. i think that this is quite sad that what one does not have needs to compensate in a dog, a big dog that is led on the lead just to show that although one is not high enough to pose a threat, one has the dog that makes it up for him nonetheless. even though today we need not to show our physical strength, not even in front of women-to attract them, we men have the need for strength and power in our atavistic subconsciousness. even today, some women do pay attention to how strong the men is, but after all, I believe that feeling of security-which is virtually the most important thing women need, can be achieved (and usually is, at least with those more intelligent) by not physical strength but by being appealing in other directions. the control we have on the surrounding around us is immense, yet acknowledging that we should not use it for our own purpose is the greatest proof of being powerful-even though not physically.


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