we are what we have around us

More and more often I see shops being closed and reopened in usually either clothes shop or a restaurant. I reckon that people are more and more inclined to focus on the basic needs as opposed to the more sophisticated things in life that matter. maybe it is only my view but this tendency to focus downwards is become a kind of spiral. recently I realized that a bookshop that I used to visit got suddenly closed and a second hand with clothes emerged instead. surprisingly (maybe not) suddenly the shop was full of people. when I used to come, there were only a few of us who wanted to buy a book. maybe I am not right and the shops with more sophisticated things than food or clothes just move to a more lucrative are, but they also maybe move away to the periphery or move away entirely. i think that it is understandable that people in the centre focus on the basic needs and when they need something specialized they go for it a bit further, nevertheless, this tendency may lead us to a spiral downwards. when the specialized shops are removed,we do not see them any more and thus do not think so much about them. it is a well established fact that we are all influenced and to some extent created and (trans) formed by the surrounding we live in. having said this, we become more and more focused on food and clothing when we see more shops like this around us. the more culture we have around us, the more encultured we become.



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