aggression, how to cope with it and how to solve the unsolvable

I realized that very often I get in contact with agression and wrath. I take it very seriously because I believe that in decent human interaction and communication this can be avoided, but is not wrath after all a natural emotion? a reaction on something unplesant? I think that today we see agression as something intrinsically evil and that people that are aggressive should seek some kind of medical treatment. on one hand,I agree, on the other, i think that aggression in its natural form (not counting people aggresive because of mental illness, aggression without cause is almost never) has always certain cause. aggression is a reaction to something that we consider not in lieue with our intentions. aggression is just one form of reaction-one may either react aggressively or despondently, depressively or by resignation. there is many more forms of reaction but aggression is one that is most taboo from those above mentioned. it is as natural as any other reaction. it depends on the kind of person how the person reacts. a melancholic kind of person reacts by sadness and a choleric person reacts with aggression on the very same situation. one is consoled whereas the aggressive reaction is mocked or even ostracized. as we can see, the plethora of reactions is immense. after all, all these symptoms are reaction on some kind of pressure inside. how to get rid of the pressure? i myself as a melancholic kind of person usually keep the pressue inside which subsequently turns out in an illness – usually throat because here are all the unsaid (what should ave been said) issues stored. only recently did I discover the relief of shouting and screaming. i used to cry when I had too much on my mind that I could not contain or could not cope with. nowadays, I visit a club where no one cares about how loud I scream and what do I should and I include everyone and everything in the flow of negativity that comes out when I scream from the top of my lunge. and by saying this I really mean it. the prerequisit of getting rid of these negative feelings (and instead of turning them into aggression) one really needs to shout as much as possible-this usually resulty in inability to talk properly the other day- a test that it all went out as strongly and effectively as possible. if you are an extreme introvert like I am, please find the courage and give it a try. It took me years to be able to do this but it definitely is worth trying it. we may thus achieve the way to solve the unsolvable, to get rid of feelings that inevitably come but the solution is to not store them and turn into aggression but let them go out and away with self-reflexive way.


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