cycles in the state of a state

I read an article that we have vital divisions between high and low spheres of influence in the state. the high one is defined as the government, president, prime minister and the low is virtually the proletariat. the author of the article claimed that the more problematic the high sphere, the more conscientious the low sphere. now in Czech republic we have the prime minister and president that cooperate in order to gain influence, power and money. after the vote to the senate, we have recognized a great movement against such pact of two powerful people and although the seats in senate were taken by agaist president and prime minister, we still have these people in opposition. i think that it is much better to have the evil people in the leading positions with the fact that they are inhibited and controlled by the senate than having good people in the leadership that can be taken over by populists. i do not believe in the growth of society towards a and idealistic state, i do not think that this is reality. reality is that we have cycles. there is time that we have a good governement that is sooner or later taken over by unsatisfied opposition-usually populist or demagogical but people chose this because they forget and the good things the goverment did. then people see that the populist governemnt currently now in my country is much more evil that what used to be and to the former one and then the oppositon starts to grow. i think that it is better to have the evil in the managment and know about it that to think that we have reached some kind of perfect state and hope that the evil shall never again come.


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