importance of group and individual thinking

What is a group? does something like this exist? i think that belongingness to any group of more than one person is extremely difficult and in many ways divisive. the need to belong to a society is very intrinsical to us and our ability to survive depended on it for long years. however today, if we see for example political parties, we can discern many principles that the incoming member must accept but from the first view and logically we can deduce that it is not possible to accept all of them. consequently, the members are asked how come they are in such and such party because it has these and these principles and the individuals cannot but agree that they do not agree with everything yet they are part of the party. this is the reason why all the groups in the past had one ruler that said this is going to be what we focus on. not everyone agreed,yet the fact that they belonged was more important for them. even today. there is nothing like a total group consensus, the individuals shall always have their opinions and view that may not be in accord with the view of the group, but what isthe group after all? it is created by individuals and the strongest indivual(s) makes the rules. if we want to find the way out of it, we shall learn to not cling to the group, always keep the view of myself as the most vital yet I should be able to see the possibility to change it- not like the crowd in antebellum germany, where the individuals changed their view just for one man who did not change the view-these are two polarities. one dogmatic leader is such that do not belong to the group because he shall not change his view, here we see that he does not belong to the group, the group belongs to him. the group in this sense is the other extreme, its opposite, the individuals there are willing to change their views as the leader says. to create a functional society, we need both. on one hand keep the views I have and on the other be ready to put my view under trial in order to uphold the group because we need both- the group-the ability to change my views, and also my own reasoning-the ability to keep my integrity- thus we are immune to the wantoness of the possible leader. if we either keep our view dogmatically or let them change just as we are told, we end in either this or the other extreme


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