seeing the things through other´s eyes

I wonder how come that people do what they do-unless it is an occupatin they hate and do just to earn money. i think that there is always a need to look for the purpose, to see the situation through ones eyes. i myself experienced this kind of transformation. unless I became a team leader I did not think globally about the workplace I worked in. I did what I had to do, i think i can say consciously consctiencously and nothing more. Idid not have the responsibility for the whole of it and thus I was not motivated to do more. now when I have the possibility and responsibility, I want to improve it as much as possible, I want to create a better surrounding that we used to have. I want to see the place through the prisms of those, that come there as I used to come there before. i think that the vital thing is the responsiblity. sometimes it happens to me that I see there something damaged, rotten food or so. I ask myself how come that people do it or do not care about it? i do not want to talk about differenced in upbringing and what considers one normal, another considers unnecessary or necessary. it all depends. however, I think that there are things that we all consider important- these things vary nevertheless. for example a colleague that likes to cook does care about the fridge and thus should be in direct responsibility for the quality and amount of food there. another colleague likes to keep the place nice and tidy and should be responsible for that, another likes administrative work and thus should do that. this division of work lead to the development of society as such it is today. nevertheless, we need to do all kinds of work, in order to function but I do not see as necessary to do things that one does not like (and is usually not good at)- these should be kept to necessary minimum. i think that it is much more important to get better in things that one likes, it takes much less effort and is much more effective, than trying to improve other ones abilities- these should be uphold and upkept but I do not deem it necessary to work on them against the will. i consider the motivation to do what one likes as important as the outcome, because the outcome depends on how much i like something- and with this consequently how much effort i shall dedicate to it.


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