the power of a thought


I heard recently a lecture about natural healing. the man talking about medicine was a physician disappointed with the approach of traditional western medicine and healthcare and talked about his experience and experiences when people try to focus on the inner healing instead of on the help from outside. he said that the power of mind is infinite as opposed to the external help that always depends on other factors. what he claimed is essential is the belief in self-healing processes. naturally, we should be aware that not everything can be fixed with mediatation, but we should also be aware that we pay too much attention to the help of doctors, instead on focusing on our mind and body. in the first place, the faith in getting better should be what drives us and consequently leads us to health. if we depend on drugs, we are in a vicious cycle of belief in others. the first step is to start believing in ourselves, in our mind that tells the body to get better. mediation with deep breathing is a great start. thinking about oneself in a deep and profound silence is another. mediation brings one to the fact that the only help is in ones own hands. it also leads us to the discovery that our body and life is not the most important thing in this life. once we understand that if we believe we can get better, we must also understand that maybe getting better is not the best thing we can experience. it is a very difficult thing, but clinging to this life is not the most important thing. once we realize that there is something much more powerful, we Christians call it God but if Christianity is not enough for you, call it what you like, then one understands that belief in getting better is not intertwined so much with the physical improvement as with the growth and development of mind. if i have the faith in getting better, then although my bodily conditions may worsen, I SHALL get better, my mind matures and thus the improvement comes. even though my body may die in the end, the power of thought is not overcome because I really got better-this way or another. the faith is not in wanting what I want-usually physical improvement, but in what God wants us to say and give


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