hockey players as the new age gladiators

I accidentaly went to a hockey match and was shocked how come that people are capable of such madness just in order for some kind of their team to win, because their team is nothing their but some totally other entity. these hockey players seemed to me as as some new age gladiators. people themselves are too lazy to do something that they could be proud of and rather displacey their pleasure for the pleasure of someone they identify with. i think that this displacement is something very much topical today. we seek pleasure in external things like likes on the social media or the above mentioned victory of someone else. i think that even this kind of hereditary pride on the past of a nation is of the same rank. how can i be proud about something that happend in the past and about which i had no influence about? i think that this feeling of superiorty of a nation leads to the discrepancies and wars consequently. on the other hand, when the crowd has its bread and it circuses it is satisfied. i think that today we have quite cheap the basic food we need and alcohol as well. i think that such decisions, as to lower the prize of beer to that of non-alcoholic beverages is a kind of populist gesture. once people have enough to satisfy their needs on the pyramid of needs (see Abraham Maslow), they do not rebel against the rule. we need to satisfy 5 forms of needs( biological-sleep, food), safety, relationships, esteem and self realisation. once people are satisfied with the most basic needs to replace the higher ones(esteem and realisaiton) they do not need much more than the bread and circuses theory. fortunately , we are not animals and are capable of fufiling the higher need even though the ones under(which should probably be more important and demanding and life threatening) are not fulfilled. thus we can see that self realisation may come even when one does not have satisfied all other needs but is in a way mentally in peace with such a fact. i think that the most important thing is to see some kind of sense in all one does, even in suffering because then we are capable of moving higher and skipping the needs below.


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