liberal and rigid democracy

I am thinking about the difference between forms of democracy. nowadays, there is a talk about a liberal kind of democracy as the most benefitial for freedom of people. on the other hand, I heard a view that liberal democracy may not be as good as we think. take for example a more rigid kind of democracy. this kind believes that total freedom may not always be the best thing. people unfortunately fall prey to demagogs and populists. they like their promises that cannot be fulfilled and the smarter are always a step ahead of those less smart. this is the fact, the intelectuals that misuse their cleverness may become a threat to the whole of democracy. maybe this is the reason why we should hold the liberal democracy or referendum-like model of rule as not so good as we might have thought. there are even totalitarian states with a democratically chosen government, people are easily seduced by white lies. after all, we come to the view of Plato, that an enlightened ruler is better than all of the democracy. dictatotrship may arise in liberal conditions and without a non-liberal but rigid form of checks and balances, liberal democracy and democracy in general may very quickly fade. in order to keep democracy alive, we are to sacrifice a part of our liberties. democracy after all is not some kind of perfect form of rule, it says that everyone should be listened to but not everyone has to be followed. the majority wins, what happens when the majority is wrong? in this case, we have to operate with the ability of human to reflex the difference between good and evil. in order to gain something, one has to work hard and be ready to postpone things that are pleasurable. nothing lightliy gained is worth having, unfortunately people are prone to forget what comes of these cirucmstances. i heard that theoretically the third generation does not know and does not learn from the experiences of its parents and grandparents and has to experience once again what the previous generations went through. let us just hope that a more rigid kind of democracy, such that counts on the fact that many people are prone to easy solutions does not let the demagogs come to power as maybe the less rigid democracy might do


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