the purpose of distraction

I wonder why people have radio on during activities they do. I myself have usually a documentary radio on when I am at home and do activities like tidying up or cooking, things that do not require much thinking which is freed for knowledge at that time. i think that it is a great source of information and I have a great feeling when I can combine radio and work. on the other hand, when I am at work, I try to focus on what I do instead of listening to radio at the same time. i think that it is virtually impossible to work with and for clients and at the same time have the radio on. i understand though that for example drivers or civil servants use radio because their work is monotonous. nevertheless, i cannot imagine a doctor or some skilled professional to have it on. here we see that the more demanding the occupation is, the less space there is for listening to radio or other elements of distraction. the less demanding the job is, we have space for other, for example intellectual activities like following documentary series. we might say that when the brain has capacities for inflow of information, it asks for it. however people very often listen to music radios instead of news radios. i do not criticise it because maybe the job is so demanding that people need some kind of relaxation in order to cope with the demands. nevertheless, i think it terribly important to distinguish between the real need to gather info and just wasting time listening to senseless popular radios. after all, not even this can be criticized because who can judge what is really empty information and what not. i want to remark that even brain needs some time off. in this case it is much better to relax absolutely without any sound than litening to radio just to make sue one does at least something, so that one can alibistically say that one makes something, one works. brain needs at least two hours a day excluding sleep to do just nothing. by doing nothing i think doing the basic meditation of doing nothing, thinking about nothing. here we see that listening to stupid radio stations is unfortunately doing nothing but not making space for the brain to relax and recover-this is what we should avoid.


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