the bureaucratic apparate

I have been wondering lately about all the body of bureaucracy that we have in this state of Czech Republic. i think that it is not only the case of Czech Republic. I reckon that the more bureaucracy the state has, the more elements that disrupt the state, the threats for its existence it must have. paradoxically, bureaucracy makes space for the elements. unfortunately, we have all the mechanism of check and balances that grows more and more complex just because of the few people that shall always try to disrupt the well being of others. the bright side is that their wrong doing is soon discovered, the dark side that most of the people in the society who want to play by the rules must dedicate a lot of time and effort to work and life in the bureaucracy and understand. even if there was just one person that would make us of the imperfect system of non-bureaucratic society, the society would collapse. that is the reason why we have it and why it gets more and more sophisticated because the few cases of evil people are also more and more sophisticated. the key is not in reacting the way of control, because this can and must be done again and again in more and more complex and sophisticated solutions to overcome the cheaters. repression , it is known, does not bring as good results as prevention. education in morality as opposed to just healing the results and fighting against the consequences of evil behaviour. the paradigm of consumerism and cunningness can be overcome. i know this sounds very utopistic, but it is really necessary to start with individual mind and ethics of not seeing oneself as the most important in the world. naturally, blood is not water, we all seek well being for our closest, family, children, community, that is natural. nevertheless, i also believe that we may , at least hypothetically, try to seek some kind of bonum commune-good for everyone, at least in the level of laws that we should not try to go through and find mistakes in them in order to enrich oneself as for example our prime minister who gave his firm to his children in order to gain funding from EU . the sadder this case is that this man is a billionaire and we see that the more avarice one has in oneself, the more sophisticate the system against such people will have to be because this person became the most important person in our state-prime minister. unless we start thinking differently lest we do not fall into doom, we are condemned to elaborating more and more differen obstacles to overcome by the cheaters


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