acceptance of things inevitable

infatuation is very near to the centre of emotions where also spite is. which means that when we are blindly infatuated, in case the object of our infatuation does not follow the conduct what we would like, then we are very near to feel spite against the person. it is like showing that although one wants to be with the other, boy with a girl, then although feeling happy in her companion, he is very near to show her a semblance of ignorance or spite when she does not act the way he would like her to act. this also naturally works vica versa but I think that for us men it is much more difficult to accept that our ego must bend from time to time and let others follow their intentions instead of we ours. love on the other hand usually stems from infatuation but is of a different, more mature kind. if the girl the boy is in love with does not do what he wants her to do, then he feels like when the toys are taken from him. it is not a mutual respect but a kind of objectification of the girl. true love respect the other person and does not want her to do what I want but understands what she does and when one does not understand, then it is necessary to talk about it in order to understand it, or at least( and which is more important) to respect it, if I am not able to understand it. one is not able to understand everything via words, some things require experience which is not transmittable. the acceptance that I shall not understand everything is very vital in relationships. i think that for men it is so much important because we have the need to see causality, cause and consequence of our behaviour and once something occurs out of ordinary, we feel unsafe. nevertheless, the world is not a place that is absolutely predictable and thus we should learn to accept it as much as we can


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