Uncanny perception of fake goods

Uncanny feeling is a concept coined and first elaborated on by Ernst Jentsch and later by Sigmund Freud. One gets uncanny feeling once it is difficult to distinguish between truth and illusion, for example when you see a stump in the dark and cannot make out whether it is a person sitting or just a stump. it is also widely used throughout the world of robotics where it was used my mori masahiro, a japanese inventor, who also coined the term the uncanny valley- a phase where we stop liking a humanoid robot because it looks too much like a robot and too little like it was meant to look-robotically. when sometimes comes too much to resemble ourselves, we start ot dislike it. though a psychological term, i think that it can be applied on the world of fashion as well. i think that although uncanny feeling created a sense of disenchantment and sometimes even a creepy feeling, when we cannot distinguish between a brand that we know and a fake, we get also a kind of awkward feeling. the need to distinguish between truth, reality and falsehood, lie, illusion is very intrinsically embedded into our human nature. we want to either be accepted by the society, unfortunately today’s society requires certain standards among which also fashion brands are included. or ,and that is the reason why fake goods are being created, to make a semblance of belonging to the certain class by wearing fake garments by expensive fashion brands. i do not claim that by looking at fakeries we get scared as when we cannot discern between truth and reality, nevertheless, I believe that the inability to distinguish makes us a little bit concerned about how it really is. the need to distinguish between genuine and fake is quite essential and when we are unable to do it, then principally be it fear or just not being sure about the brand I wear is very similar. on one hand, we should be ready to accept that there is nothing sure in this world, on the other, we have the right to try to have things as certain as we can because certainty is what makes us feel good in this world. concerning fashion, i think that certainty that I wear a fake good is much more conspicuous than discovering the fact that i was betrayed and bought a fake good. once discovering that i have a fake good, be it a shirt or a mobile, i feel betrayed and although there may not be a difference in quality or other consequences, i feel let down. that is the reason why we should be both- keen to know the truth and be aware that the truth may not come right away and that it might be different from what i want it to be


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