too modern approaches

I watched a document about sexuality of young people, how it changes and what the experts advised to do in order to improve the sexuality and safety of young people. one of the advice was that one should practise masturbation because it helps one to know oneself and that it even helps in future when one has a partner. logically, they used racional arguments about the pressure when one is not sexually active and that it may result in health problems. I fear that racional arguments are not all valid in this case and generally not as well. if they were, then people living in celibacy would be condemned to health problems and other issues stemming from not letting the pressure out. similarly the so called experts claimed that people should not fear to try various sexual experiments. this may result in people instead of trying to find intimacy in a couple, easily evading the responsibility and difficulty of living in a couple and finding a new lover. i also read an article which supported the claim that people should try bisexual or homosexual activities to learn whether they like it or not. i imagine that some may find a pleasure in it as the decadent societies did but not because they were homosexual by birth but rather spoilt and perverse. instead on working on one’s sexuality that is naturally heterosexual, one tries to find pleasure in different kinds of sexual behaviour that is after all damaging rather than pleasurable- and not all pleasure is good for us. pleasure must be served by hard work on the relationships, not easily gotten. it is a kind of epitome of today’s society that we throw things away rather than repairing them. the view that we should make men and women equal is twisted in many ways. a woman is generally weaker physically but stronger emotionally. it does not apply to all men and women but is valid in most cases. men should be gentlemen and caress women, women should then be an emotional support to men because men do not understand all the nuances of empathy. similarly in sexuality. achieving climax for women is much more complex and complicated issue than with men. women usually need empathy to be able to achieve the climax, while men are much more physical, not emotional. we should not try to ignore it but rather accept the differences and appreciate them equally than trying to strive for ˋequalityˋat all costs. should men feel angry because their climax is much faster and easier than women’s, we would not have healthy happy relationships. we should not be egotistical but accept women as not slower in achieving orgams but rather different and see it as beneficial- we can learn so much from them. see that emotions are as valuable in relationships and sexuality than just the physical technique. we men also should not try to be pragmatic and utilitarian in relationships but rather learn that the differences should not divide us but learn the solidarity, humbleness and respect for differences.
i do not want to sound too conservative but i do not believe in progress at all costs. i think that many of the modern approaches, gender studies , gay pride parades and so on are much more detrimental to our perception of body and gender than the conservative view. i support development but i do not believe that everything that is old is ready to be thrown away, rather it should be revisited and repaired if needed



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