Capitalism vs socialism

I often see you the Unhappiness of rigid capitalists or socialist or any other idealists or politicians. how to destroy their rigidity? not saying a concrete truth- socialism is better then capitalism or vice versa, both capitalism and socialism can be good and evil, concrete things and cases can never be judged . it is about finding the truth by opening their hearts to the Truth. a Friend of mine is a very convinced capitalist and does not stand to hear about pros of socialism. I on the other hand as a social worker am inevitably inclined to say that socialism is a better system than capitalism because it does not support exploitation . What is the truth? The truth is that socialism is nearer to Justice than capitalism because it supports equality and not victory of those economically stronger . people with handicap, those that I work with, may be economically ineffective but has other abilities and gifts then countable economic contribution to Society. They have other gifts and socialism or rather a system better than socialism supports this equality. any system,be it capitalism or socialism should resemble the Divine Kingdom and follow Maxims of our conscience and of what Jesus says in Evangeline.


Everyday good

Have you made someone laugh or joyful? do you wait for someone to make you joyful? if you wait so the second option then logically you will never be joyful because should everyone wait no one would act .It’s all about cause and effect. let us not wait for how much we get for what we do,let us be open to do good as the Golden Rule says but let us be better than the Golden Rule and let us not expect anything in return . one does not have to be a believer to know the real reward is not from this world. it comes from the inside of every human. the cause for happiness is only our own choice . if I want to be happy I have to make happy others and I have to be good which is the only source of happiness