Fasting is not about displeasure because pleasure, which is being with God, is more pleasurable then bodily pleasure. When I fast I feel really good. Although first day I am hungry I know that fasting for Spiritual reasons is very good for me. Hunger is overcome and peace comes to my mind. I know that Jesus is with me . I know that via fasting I’m getting closer to God. Through doing something I do not like but know that is good I feel God’s presence much more intensely. In the end it is all about individual conscience. It’s not about doing something that hurts me and about thinking now God Must Love Me. it is just the opposite. Loving my pain and knowing that the pain is worth going through. God does not want us to hurt our bodies , on the other hand he wants us to purify our souls and bodies as well . fasting or sexual abstinence can be seen as painful but Is merely displeasurable, does not hurt our bodies. On the other hand- such displeasure purifies our bodies and our souls.


Human potential to be good

Is it really necessary to compromise with evil? it is very clear that people are lazy, prone to do pleasurable egotistical things. Yes we know that. This is very clearly seen throughout history. Nevertheless there are exceptions. these exceptions are to be looked up to. I had a discussion with my father who told me that people are basically higher animals and that there is no reason to change them but rather constraint them so that we can leave in the society in a partial peace . I don’t think that this is the best way. Of course people are likely to do easy and usually bad things but we are all God’s creation and have a potential to overcome our egoism . In other words if I accept that people are evil and that we need repressive authorities in order to secure safety then I don’t believe in goodness. In my view the most important thing is to understand that people are egotistical but has a potential to overcome it and be good. It is necessary to believe in goodness not in an inevitable egoism of people. I do not contradict good people usually want to do bad things because the good are usually more difficult and demanding but the essential difference is in seeing humans potential to overcome its evil tendencies . One can either believe in goodness or don’t believe and then we need more prisons and repressive apparatuses. Is it better to be skeptical of believe in goodness? The answer is up to you


What is a true religion?

I like to think about religion as something which is given. I do not think that in order to reach salvation and God one needs to know anything. whatever religion or denomination you belong to, everyone has certain moral principles already given. in other words all we need we have when we are born. All we need is the ability to distinguish between good and evil. choice is the answer. Although I am Catholic Christian I do not believe that this is the best religion for everyone. It is important to listen to one’s heart instead of listening to any other human being. Take for example buddhism. I do not think that the philosophy of niravana eg the bigger seclusion from world the better is inherently given within humans. this Buddhistic mantra is opinion, it is learned.what is learned cannot be absolutely good. The question whether Jesus was God or not  is for me a question of logic. If Jesus was perfect ergo God  that means that everything he did was perfect. he died on cross for our sins and accepting Jesus will grant us eternal life. even if someone says that he is not Christian and is a good human for me he is Christian. Nevertheless we do not need to know about Bible in order to know Jesus. His teaching is nothing new. What he says is basically what we already know . it is his acts that are making him God. humans acts are not perfect . we do not need Bible in order to get to heaven. It is sufficient to be good . I even do not need to believe in heaven. I like most the idea of being good even if I don’t believe in eternal life. being good for goodness sake . I like people who are good because they believe it’s good to be good rather than belong to any denomination. Unfortunately the experience of God’s presence don’t is not transferable via words. There came a moment in my life when all of a sudden i was gifted with belief in Jesus. all of a sudden everything made sense and although I knew that many things I used to do the were wrong and bad for me and for others I didn’t refrain from doing them. All of a sudden God give me strength to be a better man and stop doing those things. It all is about choice of either accepting God ,in other words being good or not accepting. In other words being bad