What is knowledge good for?

 I recall three movies from social sphere I saw: Intouchables, Me before you, Inside I am dancing. In these three movies there were asistants that were intentionally chosen not from the social sphere, not those with education but such that had a human and sensitive approach. Of course, it is natural that when someone enters a social sphere and educates in such a sphere, then one should be better off with education than without it, but the movies showed the opposite side of education. Education dulls minds. Easily, the inner feeling one has is the most important thing one should follow, ones conscience. Then one should start to educate, but not eduate in order to follow the education and prescripts, teachers etc blindly. Everything one gains during ones life, any information should be inspirational but not to be followed. We should think about everything that comes to us from the outside but should not follow it blindly. Education is important but only to the degree of inspiring us. Once the education start to build a menagerie of our lives, when it starts telling us to follow this and that then we are in a menagerie and do not follow our inner feeling what we feel is good for us as was shown in those movies. The combination of inner feeling and education is the most benefitial for anybody but as I said before, one has to first follow ones inner voice.



I was at home today. I cooked the dinner and when my sister came I asked her to wait until the parents come. She refused. I watched her angry face to look at me because of proposing doing something for others instead of just satisfying physiological needs. I watched her silently and said to myself that I should refrain from reproaching her. it is so sad when someone thinks so much about oneself instead of listening to ones conscience .it is so much better to overcome my basic needs in order to do something nice, eg. eat together.