Are we being led by our bodily desires or do we lead our body?

I read a story about a woman who had, according to her own words, a perfect relationships with her husband but fell in love with a colleague of hers. This is nothing new and happens very often, but what strikes me is that she says that she cant avoid falling in love. Are we machines that are pre-programmed for some things and these are inevitable or do we havea free choice any conditions notwithstanding? I would gladly believe the second option. If a woman falls in love with a stranger although she has a husband and a nice relationship then such a woman is more of an animal than a human. Another situation would be if she willingly wanted to end an unhealthy relationship and her falling in love was just an impetus to do it. If a woman says that she has no other choice than to think about the colleague and ignore her husband, if not cheat on him, how can we then live in a society and function with other people? If her story was true and she really could not do otherwise, I would like to belive that she is more an animal than a human because a free choice to do what I believe is right according to my conscience is what makes us different from animals. I sometimes see or hear about a woman who desires a baby so much that they rather marry a bad man than be alone. Is this also a confinment of our nature? Are we led by what nature tells us? When one is hungry it is natural to eat, when one desire children then it is natural to have them, but what if a woman desires to be with some other person in an intimate relationship than with the person she is already in a relationship? I do not want to judge because in the end, everything depends on an individual conscience, what I do not like about this story is the fact that she says that she cannot do otherwise. We always can do otherwise. Unless she willingly goes to the colleague and betrays her husband then she still has a choice – and vica versa, if she betrays her husband then she betrays willingly and with full consciesness. This is not about not having a choice, it is all about doing the right or wrong choice. Psychology tells us that if one thinks about something all the time it is very often because one does not want to leave the thought, not because he could not leave it. If one believes that he cannot leave the thought then of course the though will not go away.


The prototype of a man hero

Here I would like to theoretize about the prototype of a man her in the Shrek movie which I saw. From my experience what women need is two main characteristics in men –reliability( trustworthiness) and dominance. We may of course add other assets but I think that these two sets of characteristics are such that all women want. Shrek is on one hand strong(dominance) but on the other reliable becasuse he is willing to give up his comfort and ego in order to save the princess although he lives quite satisfactorily in his swamp. Although Shrek keeps his strenght he is tolerant enough to get rid of it for the sake of goodness of his princess (he is willing to change his nature of an ogre) and also of others and is also willing to help others – here we see a merger of dominance and reliability. If a hero in a fairy-tale lacks any of there characteristics then the fairy-tale does not convey its romantic message because women implicitly seek dominance and reliability in men – in romantic relationships.


A letter to a Jihadist

How can I convince anyone about the morality of good and evil, right and wrong? In Western culture, we are so developed very much thanks to the Christian values but do we still want uphold these values? We are not afraid to ignore them and accept others if those other values are momentarily advantageous for us. We exchanged values of the truth with values of the economic income, everything is counted, exchanged, seen as profit. The truth as Jesus says, to love other as yourself is exchanged for a meaningless phrases of conventions. The change of heart must come from outside. How can one believe in the Truth and Love if one kills and hurts others but his conscience is in accord with his morality because he does not want to see the consequences one causes? If the ethics of defeating all others is supported by all others, why would one see some other way out than what all the others do? If we are so prone to leave our values be forget and the forgetting call compromising then we should not be surprised when those who stick to their values come and impose their values upon our feeble remnants of past that we would rather forget, because we envy those thanks to who we are in such civilized state here and now. How can those uncivilized come to a conclusion that being good to others might be a better option that defeat those who are other and different to what I believe is correct way of living. Noone has the right to impose any culture and any way of living on anybody. We can only show via words and examples of our ways of lives, that there ispossibly a better way of living than by killing those who do not conform to my belief. The Morality should not be based on any religion but on the inherent quality of every spiritual being which is the will to reach the Truth and Love.


Keeping secrets

I dare say that egoism is the opposite of truth. Truth cannot be found when i see just myself. Egoism also corresponds with not telling all the truth-with selecting what i say,which secrets i keep. Why not telling all truth? If i let on everything then I do not need to worry about what I say is good or evil. How can I be so sure if that’s what I choose to say is the right thing to say? keeping secrets means basically being egotistical. By keeping secrets I do not mean things that someone told me in order to keep them in secret. Keeping secrets about oneself is what I mean. If I do good then I’m not afraid to tell anything and don’t have a reason to keep any secrets. If I do not want to tell everything about myself then it indicates that I’m not in peace with myself. atonement with oneself is what should be sought in everyone’s mind and soul

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