Christian conference, a few hints

The lack of strength is a consequence of not living with God. If we complain about not having enough power or strength to do Gods will, then it is because we do not follow his will. on the other hand, even the evil is sometimes powerful and sometimes acceptance of lack of strength is also Gods will. maybe it is not a lack of strength but acceptance that I should focus on something else, something for what I shall have the strength. the problem with the will is that all people want to follow God, it is our nature, but we always clash with His will. we complain about not knowing his will but in most cases we have he will but focus rather on what we want. Accepting my weekness is letting God into my life. The exhaustion or depletion of strength is very often a consequence of pride-God helps us so that we do not sin more with pride than we do.

Devil hates us because we resemble God. In the first place we must accept God, than we start fighting evil. we should not focus on looking for evil in order to destroy it. we should try to find what good we can do. preocupation with evil does not help because we see evil only when we let it come into our life.

Children need four things in their growin up: Safety, Love, Value, Acceptance. Anything else is redundant, anything less is compensated with alternatives-drugs, promiscuity.

Faith is intrinsic reliance on God

Salvation is our entelechy and its free. all we should do is that this greates thing that we can get in this world is free- accept that someone loves us so much that He gives this to us for free-accept that someone may love us so much. this acceptance is the most difficult thing because it requires unconditional fall into Gods arms. We must accept the truth that we are the most valuable person to Him. We must also accept that the dignity of man is for everyone else the same as for us-in Gods eyes, Gods truth.

Stand strong on the ground, but have your heart in heaven

a big anger can lead to a big self reconciliation. Sometimes it is better to let our inner evil out rather than trying to hide it and then know myself under new conditions, in new situation. on the other hand, we should not use the weapons of the enemy-eg anger in order to clean ourselves from evil, it is inevitablet that we shall fall into devils trap if we do so regularly. the burst of anger must be in order to clean myself, not egoistically hurt myself or others.

Fear is what hinders us from anything and everything good.

Confession is quite a new thing. People in the time of Christ and after His crucification did not have many occasions to confess, yet if they admited their guild, their sins were lost. same today, confession is the last step that we take in order to clean ourselves officially, but the first and foremost step is in our hearts. We must admit our failure, forgive others but ourselves as well, which is very often more difficult. maybe we should not be so much preocupied with who is better and who is worse but who really cares about well being and good.
Jesus promised to be with us till the end. He also said that we should build communities and spread evangeline. These are things that we with certainty know we should do. Evangeline is partly inhibition of our freedom, but it is giving our freedom in order to be near to God. We cannot force people to get rid of freedom, it is even more important than proximity of God because without freedom noone can choose to come to HIm. on the other hand, we should not be afraid to talk about God in front of other people and also in confrontation, but never forcefully. Everyone has the right to be with God and so that it is our duty to spread evangeline. We should not think that because we are weak we do not have to spread it , but it is false.God shall give us the strength. Faith as well as Love proliferates when it is talked about and given away. The more one gives, the more one has. The more good we are, the more strength to be good we get from our Father in heaven. We should not think that we can save the world or people around us, after all, it is all about saving our soul. nevertheless, we should be ready to help other to save their souls.

The grace of God is given to us for free. It is the greatest good that we can imagine.

The gates of Gods gracefulness on some sacred places are a bit paradoxical because in order to get mercy we should be clean. Should not it be vica versa?

There is no need to call God names, because ˋHe´does not have sex, male or female, we cannot grasp him by our desire to name things.

Is what I want to say important? what should I say so that it is not redundant? The need to say it is the justification of saying it. Stop thinking about whether it is good or not. if I consider it truth, then stop thinking about possible side effects of such utterance.

Idolatry is not only things, real material entities, like food or body but also thoughts. Envy, pride, anything that occupies my mind unnecessarily. Gods justice is incomprehensible for us, it is something we imagine. His righteousness is absolute, for us unimaginable.

Faith without love is uselesss. Faith is a gift, whereas Love is our choice. If one apostazises, it is not a loss of faith, it is a willing and conscious choice to stop loving. If one holds some church prescripts, for example sex prior to marriage as right and for some reason gives up his religion, then holding to it even without religion is a proof of ones faith.
Is there a need for fear of God, religion? we should not fear God, only ourselves. The more restiction, the more recidivity, there is not point in forbidding something, there is only point in explaining everything.

We should acknowledge that we shall fall once or again, but if we have the support in God, we shall be sure he wont let us fall down.

A spiritual guide does not go in front of me, behind me but ,d does not follow or lead but goes right next to me. he envisions consequnces of my deeds, tells me so but leaves the decision on me
Do not be afraid of new things and challenges, God shall not let you fall down.

There should be no difference between what I should do and I want to do. All unhappiness arises from this incongruence.

If we listen to God, he shall show us they way.

Forgiving myself is more difficult than forgiving others. It is basically self un-love, if I do not love myself then I do not let God love me.

One should not be afraid of saying God what the one wants, but after all, God should be the one that says what yes and what not. If what I want does not happen, then it is either bad for me, or I shall get it later, or God has something better for me.

Every thought that comes out of my heart is a good prayer.

When I want to change what I dislike in other, I first must change myself.

Why should I wake Jesus up when he sleeps on the boat in the storm, just b eing with him and trusting Him is essential.

When someone is unsympathetic to me, then I do not sin, this is natural. Only if I let it go into something negative, into hurting that person, then I sin.

The orange tree asked the almond tree to show him Gods presence and the almond tree blossomed.


Saint Joseph

When I learned about the fact that I must choose a patron saint when coming to confirmation, I had no doubts about choosing st. Joseph, foster parent of Jesus Christ. St. Joseph is in my view right after Christ the prototype of humbleness for all Christians. I consider him to be one of the most important persons in the New Testament, although he is almost not mentioned in the whole Bible. I do so not only because he reared Christ, but more because he is a real and truthful example of total dedication to God and faith in God´s calling. The possiblity and chance of becoming “father” of our Saviour is very low and yet Joseph did not doubt it and did not linger a moment in his own thoughts and opinions about the impossibility of such a thing. There is not a direct speech by Joseph in the Bible. Why is that? I would say that it attests his devout character. Even before the Angel told him the message, he was a brave and a just man. He learned that Mary is pregnant and although he must have been hurt both on his pride and ego and also spiritually, he was not vindicative but wanted to let her go in silence. He must be very humiliated because she promised to keep her virginity and apparently did not keep and yet he acted as a just and wise man. Only after that he learned that he should stay with her, only after he already made a just choice. On one hand we should listen to our hearts and conscience but on the other hand we should listen to what God may have for us, as Joseph did. He followed his conscience but the instance God talked to him he immediately changed his mind and followed God´s words. Nevertheless, we Christians should not just wait for what God may or may not say us, we should as Joseph did follow our conscience and then we can be sure, that we do a good thing. If we just waited, we might never have done anything. On the other hand, if we only act, then we do not know the right direction. Joseph is also a great example of how a father should behave. Today many men think that a father should not make compromise, should punish, be tough, follow patriarchy etc. Saint Joseph did just the opposite. A real father should not try to impose its role because it is given and he knows it and does not have a reason to try to elevate his ego by climbing above others in order to make the lesser that is he. To foster a child that is not mine is one of the biggest men´s fears, this is given biologically. Men want to spread their sperm and have children but only biological children cound. To foster a child that is someone´s elses is the biggest humiliation for any man. Joseph accepted this, overcame his pride and became a father for Christ. It is very important to follow our Father in heaven and we may look at st. Joseph to see how a fact should act in a concrete way. We should follow our conscience and not act according to what is pleasant but rather think whether things that are pleasant are really beneficial to use in a good way.


Morality today and in the past

I read a discussion where a girl was complaining about the size of her boyfriends penis. Her plight was that the penis is too big for her and she was argumenting that she is used to smaller sizes. I do not know if this is a normal decent discussion but I could not wonder about how normal it is to have more/many boyfriends and talk about it as casually as this. I do not want to sound straitlaced and anachronic but I still believe that in the “old good days” the level of morality and of what is normal was a bit more decent. I cannot imagine such a discussion and the theme of having many bofriends houndred years ago. Of course, even then young people had their sexual adventures but could not talk about it because everyone in the village would know straight away but what strikes me most is the fact that today it seems normal but by then I think that the morality did not let people to think these things normal. What is normal anyway? To have one boyfriend, marry and have sex after marriage? or have many sexual partners to learn what is good for me and then choose one, or more. I do not think that there is one correct way how to experience sexuality but I would like to show the young people today in an era where everything is “normal” not everything is good. It seems to me that people today think that pleasure is what should be sought in live, that contraception is of great merit to us or that marriage or church is an anachronism that needs to be overcome. It must be difficult for people today to decide about good and evil in an age where everything is blurred and the line between right and wrong is always relativized. I do not know what is right or wrong for another person but I think that individual conscience should be always the “normal” thing, the norm that people should be led by-not conventions of rigidity of old times or hedonism and relativism of today.


Amo ergo est

In Viktor Frankl´s essay The Will to the Meaning I read this quote which says in my view that the proof of God´s existence is our ontological need to love. By the word love which is overused and misused today I do not mean any infatuation between a heterosexual or homosexual pair but Love as the meaning of our existence, because God is Love and thus God is the meaning and also should be the aim of our existence-Will to the Meaning is a will to get nearer to God. I think it is necessary to get the word love of its popular connotation like infatuation (which of course may lead to love) or love which has nothing to do with Love but is merely a word associated with sexuality or pornography, as some would even say. The word love is the purest of all words because as I said above is basically a synonym for God and the fact that many people associate love with sexuality or even pornography says that many people let themselves be influenced by what society tells them that is right and thus these people are kept in the menagerie of other people´s opinions. Love has to be cleansed by all connotation and we should once again direct our sight up to eternal heights and not down on human perception of love as carnal pleasure.


A paradigm of enviromental protection

I listened to a BBC production podcast about poachers and preservation of nature and animals. I though to myself what makes poaching a bad thing. We live today in a paradigm that we must keep the planet healthy, preserve all plants and animals but is this really the best way? We are not animals that would kill of a species of other kind in order to feed the group, we do not kill for satisfying hunger but mostly for money – this is of course evil. But the paradigm of preserving species any price notwithstanding may not be the best one. I do not want to claim that if we want to we may kill of any species we want to, but rather to think about the “sacredness” of any biological species. We humans may not live forever and so may not live any other kind. Poachers who kill for money and not to satisfy hunger are presumably evil but the paradigm we live under is also a kind of menageries – wanting us to perform certain action which we should belive is right and correct. Any individual conscience which I believe is also a collective one should tell us that destroying animals or plants or planets just for the sake of something more, something we do not need is an evil thing to do. If there were no laws there would be no sins. If everyone listened to one´s heart, to the prescription which is natural for all of us – do to other what you want them to do to you, then we would need no laws. If some species dies off, then maybe its best for other species. There are species that were and will not be again but there may be other species that appear after those who die. Human today thinks that he is the lord of all beings and that without his help of protection of nature nothings goes right. On one hand this is true, because if it were not for his evil doing the protection would now not be neccessary, but on the other hand the plant can live as well withou humans as with them (us). There is a natural order and balance in this world and if we think that the plant cannot live without ourselves then we only support our superficial conscience and ego that we humans are indispensable for this planet which is of course false.