A soldier

A soldier was on guard. he was cold. He wanted to go back to the camp but he could not. It was his duty to guard .he buried himself deeper into his coat. It was really dark. The snow was creaking under his boots.the sombre trees around seemed as if they were hiding Phantom spectres. could there be an enemy hiding behind the trunk? The surrounding is really bleak. all of a sudden he sees a figure sitting in the snow and litting up a small fire. Would the enemy dare to go so near to the camp and be so careless? The soldier prepared his gun and came closer to the figure. the figure obviously was much smarter because all the Soldier heard was: “bloody cold”. It was vasil, his comrade and he even didn’t turn his head because he heard him coming . the soldier bent down to warm his hand by the fire. Although they should be moving and guarding in a different part of the camp they are here together just at the sight of the camp.

Poslané z Fast notepad


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