Systems, establishments, menageries

Der Wille zum System ist ein Mangel an Rechtschaffenheit. To paraphrase Nietzsche he basically says :Let us follow our own conscience not any prescripts. Its not about how good or bad you are,but how Good,God’s you want to be. The system today,the government and establishment wants us to keep in a kind of Menagerie: to perform what The establishment wants us to do. To pay taxes ,be docile and meek. In this I would put thoreau’s notion of civil disobedience as a contrast . In the end it is about individual, personal conscience not about large system . not every system must be inevitably wrong. What about the system of European Union? Is it good or bad? If the system wants to benefit from our differences then it may be positive for everybody . If the system wants to confine us and create a menagerie then it is evil and we have to be careful not to be a part of it. On the other hand Czech president Zeman creates a division instead of creating an open Society .he does not approve of European Union, possibly because it’s also an establishment but here in this case it is definitely beneficial for Czech folk then president Zeman’s approach. the system of European Union , although not perfect, strives to create the assimilation instead of division and differences between people . Creating division is very easy . creating a dialogue is much more difficult and our president chooses the easy path in order to be popular .problem we are also encountering is the problem of large communities. in large communities the evildoers are Much less discernible so it is always problematic to live peacefully in large communities. The larger Community the more power has the one on top of the pyramid . The masses are very prone to believe those who are in power.the masses are not so much interested about the causes and consequences why the powers-that-be exist . I realized how much I take for granted that politicians and famous people are important for all people without thinking about it instead of thinking why they are important because then I would see that importance and fame are two different and maybe opposing things . in smaller communities it is much more difficult to control the crowd . In smaller communities the contact is much more intense and thus we also see the faults of the powerful in Greater detail then in large community .


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