Value of human life

In this entry I would like to philosophize a little bit about the value of human life. The most important thing obviously is that it is not as important what, where and how was one born-this should be given no credit (race, sex, iq, physiological appearance), but what one does in life, what one does for others is what matters. In my carrer as a social care worker for people with mental and combined disabilities, I can very easily describe that it is not their handicap that makes these people inferior, but rather their inability to cope with it (very often because they were told that they are stupid, worthless etc.). There are people who are motivated, and although they are handicapped, their effort is seen and these people are capable of greater achievements than the “healthy”, “normal” society. The faulty view that people with a handicap are less capable or inferior stems from the fact that they are very little integrated into Czech school system and society generally – there is still the remnant of the communist regime – to shun them, to shut them somewhere where they will not be seen and will not bother the “correct” society. Children go into special schools and stay there and thus are kept segregated and thus it is so difficult to see them as normal in the sense of having the same value because in adulthood human is less capable to adapt new views. Even the name specal school creates a stigma upon those who has to be there. This also corresponds with the redlining issue. Streets with high Roma percentage in Brno are “reserved” for Roma people and thus create ghettos and this also deepens the segregation issue. It is the same problem as with handicapped – the majority society is not used to see them and encouraged to accept them as “normal” and thus tends to keep them away. Here it can be seen that the more one sees a “different” group, the more is one capable of accepting them – unfortunately this works also vica versa.


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