True sexuality

We live in an era of, a product that does not have enough coverage will not sell. Very often a tool to attract the consumers the customers is a woman in a demeaning position of sexual object. It happens very often to me that i see a poster advertising a computer for example and uses a half naked woman to attract men to the poster. Anyhow stupid this approach may be, what about the women customers? They must think very awkwardly and embarrased by the fact that they see such an advertisement. These posters aim at mens biological need , same as hunger or the need to be save, which is naturally basically do not have other way than looking at is like saying to them that they should not get arroused by a woman because it is their nature. On the other hand, our nature is also choice and conscience which is in my view what distinguishes us from animals, ergo our biological needs. Let us accept that for men being attracted by a woman, be it on the poster or in reality, is a normal thing. Then we should also propose that such a fact does not mean that men should indulge in such a feeling and take what they like. Men should confront they base needs with their conscience, racionality, inteligence and dictates of heart and never be led by those base, yet natural needs.if we let ourselves to be controlled by our biological needs and are satisfied with saying that we are half animals then we are loosing exactly what distinguishes us from animals: our human ability to choose. A male dog does not have a choice when he sees a bitch but to try to copulate with his female counterpart. Men on the other hand should not obey they biological instincts:by this I do not mean to be puritanic and hate the sexuality. I want to highlight the aspect of humanity which is a free choice. Men should not try to have sex with any attractive woman they see not because society punishes such horror crimes as rape, but because the control of ones body brings an immense pleasure of independence on ones body and needs. Hunger for example is also a biological need which can be trained and gradually overcome to a certain degree and yet hunger as a biological need, same as sexuality, bears nothing evil in itself. If we let ourselves be controlled by our biological needs then we again fall into the deception of menagerie:the state in which one is controlled not by his unique conscience but by instinctints and biology, thus making oneself a voluntery animal, instead of fulfiľling our human quest of following the Gods asset within ourselves which is the free choice of doing not what one is told by society or by his instincts but to follow ones individual conscience

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