Fake news vs. fake problems

Fake news vs. fake problems
I read a commentary from Denmark where there was a discussion about letting the migrants from east in or whether they should secure the borders and not let them in. One of the guest told the host that the handful of migrant that are coming to such states as Denmark, and my country as well is so negligible, that it is virtually stupid to be so ferociously belligerent against them. This approach can be compared to misoneism as well (the previous article) because rather than seeing the opportunity to help them-make us feel better, do the right thing for the few incoming people) or learn from different culture, we and other inland countries which do not have to secure their border are the loudest against the migrants. The commentator called it a paraphrase of fake news-namingly fake problems. This denotation corresponds to the whole paradigm of hatred agaisnt the migrants. We have fake news and we have fake problems as well. It seems to me that on one hand, the president of any country should listen to the voice of the crowd. On the other hand, president should also function as a kind of moral authority for others. we do not live in the paradigm of Plato who supposed that an enlightened monarch with ultimate power would be better than democratic system, nevertheless, the president should also steer the voice of people to a more fundamental and sophisticated discourse. If people say they are afraid of migrants and that is why they do not want them here, it is necessary to show compassion towards them and teach it the people as well. by saying this, Ido not think that people should be directed towards a different view, not at all. All I am saying is that president should not keep people living in a lie, in fake news and fake problems and show them that letting a sustainable number of migrants in is not a problem at all but the opposite-enrichement of our culture- of course under the condition that they adapt and follow our legislature and law. This should be the first and foremost condition. I do not say that we should teach them Christianity if they are Muslims, but everyone here must obey the same law-Christians and Muslims as well and it does not matter whether they are indigenous people here or incoming. Of course, it is difficult to impose on everyone because we are born in a certain country,under a certain rule and influence and we basically cannot choose so easily that from now on I live somewhere else. Being born somewhere is something I did not choose. I should accept it and accept it also vica versa-people born under dire conditions also did not choose it so it is in a way my duty to help them and share something from the wealth I have to improve also their well being and contribute to a more balanced and fair world. I would like to conclude this entry with a quotation from Romans 15:1. We who are strong, should bear with the infirmities of the weak and not please ourselves.

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