fighting addictions

fighting addictions
I read about a man who killed a pimp who was using the mans sister for prostitution and who was sentenced to a death penalty for that crime. I ask myself whether this act should be seen as crime or not. From the first view it is obviously a murder. The girl should have contacted police if she felt mishandled or forced into prostituion. The same could have been done by her brother. on the other hand, police cannot force a woman to stop prostutiting herself if she does not want to and maybe the brother was so despondent that did not see any other way out. I do understand this situation nevertheless it is obvious that by killing one man the problem is not solved. the problem is endemic to our nature. If we kill only what answers to the evil within us, then we do not destroy the impetus, evil within ourselves but only its ramifications and consequences-this would be a neverending story. it is like closing one pub and the alcoholics then going to another. even after all pubs would be closed, the alcoholic would not be healed. on the other hand, should the opportuninty diminish or fade out totally, then the alcohol would not be so easy to get and one would not continue with it. same with prostutition. once the prostitution would be banned, we would probably have fewer cases like that above mentioned but we would not heal the impetus that is within people that visit and pay these women. it is a vicious circle and what is necessary is to begin within ourselves. usually the need to visit prostitues is some kind of dissatisfaction with something. this may be a family situation, occupation, on other words some outer factor. for a strong personality, this would not be a reason for starting doing something vicious like drinking, taking drugs, paying prostitutes etc. nevertheless, we people are weak and once something does not work out for ourselves we try to use it some other, usually easier way but such way can be and is very often detrimental-for example procuring money in automats where addition may arise very quickly. so the solution is both ways-from inside and from outside. on the outside the powers that be should not make it so easy to procure addictive stuf like drugs, alcohol etc and there also need to be a psychological support for people who may fall into depression once a difficult situation arises. the support may not be a kind of official or trained psychologist but rather a natural web of people that we have and create systematically and continually. not with the calculative reason in mind that the more friends i have the more I can be helped by, but also with the responsiblity that the more people I know can need help from me.

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