Menagerie of animals and people

In this entry I would like to again touch upon the theme and concept of menagerie. Let us take for example bees – they live in a hierarchy of a bee queen, workers etc and this system is their entelechy, that they do not think about, it is their natural status – some is a worker and some a queen and there is not an inequality about them. In the animal world the stronger destroy the weaker not because they want to indulge in their ego (because animals do not have a conscience then they cannot have an ego) but because the stronger the greater chance to survive. Femals choose strong males and the weak die because there is not a reason for them to live. They do not think about this system because the only think they know is that they must create offsprings and feed them and to this they need to be strong. People on the other hand have conscience which they may and should follow and the situation is much difficult for them because they do not only follow their entelechy of creating offsprings and dying (although some people may live only in this paradigm of giving themselves just in order to proliferate and raise offsprings). People if they choose to may fulfill their lives in any way of life which they may wish, or – if they let themselves – may live in a state of menagerie similar to the one of bees but which is unnatural for them. If people listen to those powerful and strong and let themselves to be subdued as the worker bees then they live in an unnatural hierarchy. People as sentient and racional and, what is most important, conscience-posessing being, are predestined for higher aims than just listening to the dictates of nature (as bees for example) or to those dictates of society which want to keep us in the menagerie-hierarchy of those in cages which are fed, clothed but confined and under total surveillence and rule and kept in this state just in order to perform actions benefitial not society in general but only the ruling class. If the state of menagerie was good for society then we might think we are like animals who just fulfill what those above them tell us. This is not our aim in life. The teleology which we should follow is the freedom of choice to do what one belives is good – not for all, not for some but mainly and predominantly for myself – which has nothing to do with the ego. In the end I am resposible only for the salvation and redemtion of my soul and not of souls of others. By this I do not say that we should ignore the needs of other – just the opposite, by following my conscience I do good for myself as well as for others. The concept of menagerie is anything that tells us what to do and what to not do. In the end it is all about individual conscience which is the opposite of any voices and any prescipts but my own – God´s voice in my heart. Whatever I do may be good or evil but this does not depend on others or on any laws in this world. By this I do not say that we should be exclusive and think that we are better than others – we are better than those who fulfill the dictates of society but not in the sense of using them but just the opposite – to help them to get rid of the menagerie they may live in and become as good as those who live freely, independent of the dictates of society or other people. We are all unique of course, but the greatest sin is to think that this uniqueness is given to us in order to control others. We should help each other to achieve what an individual conscience tells us to achieve. If one uses one´s talents and uniqueness just for one´s self and ego ,then one become the rulling class, which is in today´s capitalistic world praised and looked up to. Here we see how twisted today´s system is. The only thing that lasts is not money and power but a happy conscience of helping others and thus (in)directly myself becoming a better person, this can never be by demeaning others. If the growth of one is conditioned by a fall of another, then such a growth is in fact malignant and much greater fall then the fall of the one it caused.


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