Good and bad fantasies

We human beings are probably the only species on the earth that uses fantasy, imagines object and situations that do not exist and often indulges in such fantasies, for example in movies or by reading books. Not all fantasies are good for us though. For example fantasies about women which are voluntary are sins against the sixth commandment. If, mostly men, indulge in these fantasies then it strengthens their worldview about how to control women and what to do with them in sexual relationships. It goes even further and not only that most sexual positions and advices are given to men, how to have greater pleasure with sleeping with women and that most what is said in sexual relationships is to help men not women enjoy it most but this leads to the evil of contraception as well. Sigmund Freud noticed that intercourse that does not aims at proliferation is a beginning of a perversion. To indulge in sexuality not according to Goďs plan but according to our ego we need to make the women infertile because procreation is then not the aim but only an obstacle.I do not want to talk about the damage of contraception, this is obvious. Hormones artificially eaten destroy women body anď mind as well. By eating contraception women become only objects of mens desire. All responsiblity about being pregnant depends on the woman, man has no responsibility at all but to enjoy and use the woman according to his will and woman by reading and seeing the exposition of woman naked body accepts unconsciously her role of a tool for mens pleasure. By this I do not say that any sexual intercourse should happen with the aim of having children, but I believe that there should be no intercourse with the aim of just having fun, pleasure and categorically denying the potential of having children with every sexual act. If we see Contraception as normal then we say that man can have sex with a woman anytime because she never gets pregnant and her natural hormone balance is damaged. This is only the first step, it gets further even more damaging for the woman because once she is seen as always available then man may begin to use her according to his will. The contraception is basically and invitation that woman is just a tool adjusted to mens needs, in reality a woman has her period when she cannot have sex and this is one of the things that keep men in the right path. If we admit that contraception is no good then we begin to come back to a natural sexuality that was given to us and what is more important, keeping ourselves not in the egoistical way we would like to have sexulity but in its natural anď naturally good way. If we listen to our conscience we shall see that it is much better for us than with artifical way we affect sexuality, mainly womens sexuality. The individual conscience is the most important thing. I as a catholic believe in sex after marriage but this is a certain dogma or paradigm that church gives. I do not say that it is the best way to be and i do not claim to have the truth. On the other hand, most people do not accept this view and categorically deny it apriori.the abnegnation of sex prior to marriage has certain plus and certain contras. I only want from others to accept that even this way may be good for them, as well as i would accept and consider having sex prior to marriage although i do not want to. In the end it is about individual conscience as i said but being open to the truth, opinions of other is where we can only our conscience apply, to see who is right and who not, is it me or you?

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