Missing prototypes and rising populists

I read an article about the US white house election which was analyzing how come that Donald Trump has so many supporters and voters when it is obvious or at least probably that he lies and generally is not really a reliable person with strong inner moral integrity. They also suggested that he has an aim to become a dictator, does not listen to others only to what he thinks and believes in. This would not be anything bad if he followed his purest conscience, but it is I think obvious that he acts on behalf of his ego. This happens everyday and we know many such cases from the history and from our past. There has always been weak persons who wanted to be lead and not lead their life according to what they belive is right. These people would rather stay in the menagerie that the strong personality makes for them, takes their liberty and these people are voluntarily prisoners of the strong ones. We have seen times where masses of people were being led by leaders that led their nations to be doomed. We miss heroes and prorotypes of morally pure people. Noone is absolutely good but we all should strive to be pure. The integrity means not that I am morally pure but that I want to be, that I have the capability and will to become a better person and to make things and people around me better. This also may sound dogmatically and demagogically but in the end it is all about an individual conscience. Any leader must not tell others what to do,that would be creating a menagerie, a good leader is not seduced by the power he has upon other peopole but use this power to show them a better alternative but leaves the choice on them because he knows that free choice is what makes us humans and that this must never be taken away.

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