The dire state of capitalistic ideals

As a social care worker I work with people with mental handicap and they teach me everyday to slow down and appreciate small things. Today, in a world of neverending desire for succes and great things it is really relieveing that not everybody has such a desire. When I teach our clients to draw or write very slowly their name or some more difficult words, I see that these small victories are much more worthy than the great succeses of capialism. In the great victories when one gaíns money and fame, there is usually the other party, the loser. In the small victories there are only winners. The greatest enemy is my ego, not some outer enemy, be it person or a thing. If I try to overcome my ego then I can always win and no one loses, other people shall also benefit from me becoming a better person. By appreciating the abilities that may be quite ordinary for the mainstream society I also encourage the people with disabilities that even their abilities are not disabilities but that everyone is uself and can contribute by ones uniqueness. Handicapped people may not contribute economically but they contribute by teaching us to slow down and not be the predators that circle around a victim and want it to become ones prey. The weak and socially outcasted can be very easy to cheat on or rob,but by robbing them the capitalist only rob themselves of their dignity and human decency, take for example the sellers of kitchen ware to the old and infirm who do not anymore understand the world of today and fall prey to the practices of these sellers who basically live on the unhappines of others.Can there be something more ugly then such a behaviour? Not only one destroy oneself, but also by such a behavior one says that one cannot be trusted and is not trustworthy for anybody. Capitalism in its extreme form is detrimental to all of us, the predators and victims as well. Such a life then is really meaningless because we as human beings need to live in a community and trust and trustworthiness are two characteristic vitál and indispensable for a happy and decent living.


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