Prototype of a hero in samurais

I watched a beautiful movie the last samurai. It was a bit over heroic and a bit too fairy tale like but it contained many wise remarks. The first and foremost I would say is that samurais either win or die. If they die, they win anyway, because the die for a good cause. If the survive, they must win or they kill themselves. We may pursue the discussion about suicide from honor later but now for samurais there is nothing in between. If they are loosing, they give everything in order to win their cause. This may correspond with a blind diligence of soldiers but it may not be so. There is blind diligence to a demagogic leader on one side and dedication to a good cause according to ones conscience on the other. I believe that one may be following a leader and ones conscience at the same time, as was seen with samurais. If the samurai gives everything and sees that he lost, then he must give really everything, even his life. That is probably the reason why samurais give up their life. It is not despondence or anger, it is the total dedication and virtually a compensation for not dying in the battle. Samurai comes etymologicaly from the meaning to serve. They serve with everything they have. The choice to end their lives is not their own egoistical choice, it comes from the dictates of their hears and consciences. We western society want to win and survive at all times. Life is for use more precious than the good cause. Naturally, life is the most precious thing we have, without it we would not exist. But on the other hand, existence is something even more than life. Life, our body is only a form for the matter, for out existence and our meaning. We should not praise body, the form more than the matter itself, ones meaning . If one acts according to the dictates of ones heart, then such a life is never wasted and we may not be afraid of losing our lives as samurais are not afraid of losing it.

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