the meaning of sins and confessions

I made a confession in a Roman catholic church and was thinking about the sins that I do not remember. The vital thing is not to say everything, but to repent everything, wholly, totally. It is possible to not know what sins I have but is also possible to repent even those that I do not recall. It is virtually impossible to say and remember all my sins. We all sin now and then and the meaning of confesionaries is not to say all the sins, it would take a very long time and all the same, we would have another sin in a moment. The purpose of going to confessions if of course the sacrament of forgiveness by God and to say Yes again to Him. We may not even say anything if we do not like to say anything, but we must be open to say everything that we consider evil. If I do not want to say my sin, than I cannot repent it. To say it either to a priest or basically to anyone else is the first step. I show that I know that I sinned, that I regret the sin and that I want to be a better person. If I open my heart again to God, then it is not necessary to say a word, but I must know honestly that I want to avoid the sin. I must become again the Gods child that gives everything to Him.

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