Money ,moneý, money

What is money and what is its purpose and meaning? Money basically have no value, although this world and its society believe in it. Money is just a story for us to believe. Who does not believe does not comply with the rulez of the societ and shall be ostracized. People really clever know that money is not the aim we have in live but only a tool to achieve some aim. Money itself is nothing, it is just a paper. In the past, money was linked to the weight and value of gold, it was a paper that had a real value changeable for gold. Today one may exchange everything for the little piece of paper which virtually means that one can exchange nothing for it. People who are rich do not have the most of their money in their bank accounts. They know that the number in the bank is just a number, not reality. They own estates, precious metals, jewels etc. By believing in money, we also add to the confusion and contribute to the menagerie that todays world and the powers that be wants us to live in. I do not say that we may live independently on money, I try to emphasize that belief in money and its ultimate power is fatal and deceptive. Just look back into the past to see the financial crisis when the money just disappeared. Today it is impossible to live without money in this society, money also help us to communicate more effectively and it makes our lives easier, definitely. On the other hand, we should always be aware that money is only a tool that helps us to achieve our aims. We should not live in the lie that money is the ultimate purpose of our lives.

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