mens and womens approach

I noticed an interesting difference between men and women at work. I work as a social care worker with people with mental handicap and When I work with a collegue woman, she usually tries to do as much as possible for our clients whereas man do what one has to do concerning the service and rather does other things than those of caring. In other words, we men like to form a group and not be so preocupied with details like hygiene and so on. we see the whole, whereas women see the small things. I think that both approaches are valuable and contributional for the people we work with. we only need to not compete about whether feminine approach is better or whether mascualine approach is the better one. It seems to me that any competition is detrimental to us. what if we compete in order to gain a better cooperation? this would mean not trying to win one over another but we all against the inequality that we see.

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