effortless success

effortless success
I write quite often against the consumer hedonistic culture that seeks pleasure without resposibility. I claim that everyone has a conscience that tells one that pleasure must be reached through effort, through sacrifice. what is easily reached and gained is also very quickly used and forgotten. this is exactly what advertisment agencies do. they tell us that with this parfume we attract the girl or boy of our dreams. they tell us that with this brand shirt we get the job we seek in an interview. they tell us that with this brand of car we shall never get lost. they tell us that with this toothbrush our teeth shall never face etc. this is exactly what I wrote at the beginning. this all is something that is easily reached when one has money. money is what tells us what to do which is spending. without spending the economy would not run as it runs now. on the other hand, the things that we buy easily shall never bring us happiness. unless we understand that money can help us reaching our happiness but it can never buy it, we shall never be content. I can buy equipment with which I may train and climb a rock but if I buy a helicopter flight onto the hill, then although I reached the same place, the way I used was different. without effort and with money I may get the same things but not the same feeling. if I climb the hill I can guarantee that I shall have very different feeling than when I get there easily by a plane or a car. this applies to anything else in life. money is important but it is not indispensable, it is only atool that can help us reach our dreams. nevertheless, even without money one can be happy, but with money happiness is not guaranteed.

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