true self is about choice and not something given

I read this article and I cannot but agree. people are not evil because they were born that way, nor good. it is all about choice as I cannot stress enough. the article is about self assesment, about what people consider the true self and the respondens do consider as their self their moral values, virtues and such things. in other words things that they had to choose for, not inherently given aspects as beauty, iq and so on. if we live in the menagerie of what others say to us that is important-eg. the above mentioned iq or physical beauty, then we shall never find the true self that we as people inevitably seek. i would even say that it is our entelechy to find the true self. for me, generally the true self is the choice, the choice to do good. we may be born anyhow but the true self is what we do with what we were endowed with. after this proposition it must be clear that concepts like blood, race, beauty and iq, things that we did not choose to have are irrelevant for who we really are.

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