whole x part

whole x part
I realized that in any our activity or occupation there are part that are not pleasant but that must be done. I think that once I see the whole as meaningful, then I have no such problem with the parts that I do not like. The parts I either suffer or do with the thought on mind, that they constitute the whole. once I see the parts I do not like as indispensable and invaluable in the whole then I may overcome the unwill to do them and even start to like doing them because the whole is always constituted by the smaller parts. we are all a brick in the wall, but any and every the brick is indispenseble when it is in its place. for example in my job as a social care worker I help people with hygiene and such things that are for many people not pleasant. I used to not like doing these activities but through time I learned that these small-not minor- events constitute the whole. the whole is for me that it is meaningful to help people in need, here people with mental disabilities. if one has a vision that it is good to help but does not see the particularities that constitute the vision, the one only dreams. on the other hand if one does the particularities without having any vision of one´s own, then one does not know why one does it and does it only because is told to do it. both approaches are necessary and not one should be emphasized but they should be kept in equilibrium.

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