words that are meaningful

words that are meaningful
I wonder whether words in any form are a meaningful kind of work. One hears very often that too much talking means no working. In one sense it is correct, in another it is not. I think that a purpose of life, meaning of it is what in the end drives our will and basically all what we do. after all, there is nothing else than a meaning in life. In the end God is the only entity to which we can steer out lives. everything fades, everything fails only God does not lose battles. we can only win once we stand by Him, only then He stands by us. in this sense we should use words. words that are abstract and show us the meaning of life, what is good and what not. using words must be abstract because concrete things are relative. if I use words for concrete entitities, then every one sees them subjectively. only abstract words, dichotomy between Good and Evil can be seen in words. conrete tasks in life should be fulfilled physically. if I talk about concrete things in world using words, then I waste time because concrete things must be dealt with concrete actions. Words must be abstract, words create visions. One muse have avision that is state abstractly and to this vision one strives with concrete actions. If i use concrete words to build avision, I am inevitably mystified. Vision must be abstract, created with abstract words, steps to fulfill the vision must be concrete, here the words must not be abstract but concrete-used to support concrete physical steps and actions in life. If I use words to describe concrete things in the world, then I use them erroneously because entities in the world does not need words, they already exist and need only names so that we see which name means which thing, entity. Take for example religion. here it is impossible to use concrete words, religions is from its core abstract and yet it is possible totalk with these people meaningfully. all religions are preocupied with morality. here the words are meaningful. once I accept that in religion concrete words are misleading, then I can use the abstract words instead. If I use words correctly, for abstract purposes, for building visions, then I can be sure that this is a meaningful time and work.

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