I would like to share a few hints from a spiritual lecture I attended

we belong to God by our choice, not nature, because our nature is flawed by the inherited sin 
A child born from rape is also Gods if it chooses to follow Christ. That does not say that evil can create something beatiful-new life is not beautiful in itself, only when the new human choses to be. 

Who is loved by God is plagued by ill luck. This saying is false because non-Christians are plagued in the same amount as Christians. 

Gods signs can be very misleading. If I choose to follow them I usually see only what I want to see. by following sings that I think are signs and they usually are not, I try to get rid of the responsibilities I should have. 

this one is very nice: it is not important what kind of job one does, what matters is how it is done- everyone can make people around joyous-be it a cashier of a manager or anything else. 

last one is a story about a couple where the woman was religions and wanted her husband to be also religions but he did not want to go to church. She plagued him very much and thought that she is doing the right thing but in the end it was her who was doing the wrong thing. once she stopped and focused on her life, he soon followed the call of Christ. 


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