State of our state

I missed a tram the other day and had to wait four more minutes to take another. at first, I got angry and then I realized how stupid this approach is. a similar event was when I had to wait in a queue. it was almost ridiculous of me, I then thought, to act like that because there are so many people who would be happy to wait for a whole day in a queue just to get the basic food and I do not know what to choose from the surplus of goods in the shelves. same with public transport. I sometimes hear people talking with dersion or even disdain or contempt about public transport because it is slow and not comfortable. I cannot say that public transport in czech republic is worse than in England, Germany or Austria, which are coutnries that are economically better than Czech Republic. these people (and myself as well sometimes) do n ot appreciate what we have and even poison our (their) everyday life for no reason. on the other hand, it is useful to try to improve this (already fine) society (compared to some poorer or developing contries) because standstill is what leads us to blind alley and which is I think the worst state imaginable. change and dynamics is what drives our society to be better and better.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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