semblance of true contact

With the beginning of winter I saw an ice-skating area created on the main square in the city of Brno where I live. I watched the people going in rounds around and around till they got bored of it. I think I can draw a parallel to the menagerie of our lives that are very often lived in the neverending cycles that change from time to time when we get bored of them. after all, is there something wrong about it? one might say that ice skating can be much more interesting on the pond or a lake or a maybe a frozen creek. that is definitely right and the people in the city usually get only semblance of reality, kind of simulacrum-semblance of the genuine thing. take for example shopping malls that try to create the atmosphere of a spacious house where the family is happy and content, enjoys the evening but the ultimate goal of shops is to sell as much as possible and to support consumerism. it makes me disenchanted when all the shop assistans and other people in direct contact with customers smile artificilly and wish a merry christmas and a beautiful day although the second after they cast their eyes from you they would not recognize you again. i think that we are moving more and more to the paradigm of semblance of reality instead of genuine feelings. naturally, the shop assistants may not feel well at the time of selling, but would not the customer feel much better once he knew that the shopper is true instead of virtually lying to him? i do not claim that i do not from time to time make us of not being genuine in contact with people that are not of much importance to my life, but is not after all everyone, even the shop assistant worth the same value as anyone else? maybe the customers should start to feel sympathetic towards them and the cashiers would maybe feel accepted as people, not as machines (that are replacing them rapidly) and would mutually start to create a feeling of true human liaison- even towards the customers that they do not know and might start to feel the obligatory phrases of wishing you well genuinely


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