why look for a religion?

I had a discussion, or an argument rather about the futility of east realgion in our western society. my thesis was that there is not really a need to delve into east religions like Hinduism, Buddhism or any other such religions because they are only contextually relevant to the people living in the context of the particular country. there is no need to have theme here, because one finds everything one need in Christianity- as well as Hindu people find what they need in Hinduism. I personally do not believe in Buddha as a kind of god, yet I do not claim that Buddhist come to hell, as christians imagine. nevertheless, the message of love, compassion and mercy that is central to a happy life and well being is implemented into any known accepted religion. why would I want to become a Buddhist, if everything I can find there is already in the religion of our culture , geography and context of our country. little I want to sound generalizing yet I think that people turning away from traditional religions are more or less exhibitionist that need the attention of others. if one does not find God here, then one does not find God in any other part of the world. God is in our heart, not in any other country, culture or alikehhhh


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