some thoughts

Why are we afraid of having a child with some handicap? no one would like to have such a child. are we afraid of being seen as those who failed? i think that it is natural to have dreams and visions about what my life and life of my children would look like, nevertheless, the acceptance is in my view much more important for all concerned- for the parents and for the child alike.

I sometimes come across ideas about democracy which see it as the most perfect system ever. I think that it is very misleading. even in democracy there are great problems and the consensus which would have to have one hundred percent agreement would not be achievable and nothing would be created. sometimes it is necessary to both-listen to all (that is the principle of democracy) but it is impossible to fulfill the demands of all, sometimes to obey to the majority, in order to make another step higher

Sometimes even small things may cause great achievements. take for example that one buys a ticket for a stranger who is lost. it costs me only a few crowns but the stranger may never forget about it and such little thing may cause that he will talk about this country very positively abroad.

Why we read tabloids? To know that rich and famous also have problems? maybe we just need to know that even those living in luxury and riding shiny cars have the same troubles as we do. maybe we need to know that they are not living in a better surrounding, their money notwithstanding.

We hear that we living in an age of a human. we are capable of transplanting virtually any limb we have, to make technological miracles and even to create a new specie of rhino, which I read lately. creating a new specie or such that is extinct (due to human activity) is in my view supporting the idea of man that man can create and destroy what he wants. it gives us an alibi to kill species if we know we can create them again.

I ask myself how often we live in our heads, instead of saying and doing what we want we just imagine it in our heads in order to satisfy our need but not undergoing the risk of failing.

Question is what gives answers, asking never ends. there is nothing like an answer,because every answer incites mores questions.

I read a critique of today s literature because every tenth book is about cooking, what does it say about the society? We are more and more inclined to fulfil and satisfy the basic needs instead on focusing to go up the Maslow pyramid. Even the very intelligent do the basic things- they need to eat and sleep as much as the less intelligent, nevertheless, they were given the gift of intelligence and thus they are entitled and also responsible for those who were not endowed with such gifts. simillary, the less intelligent also must contribute vica versa with things they were endowed with, for example the ability to not calculate so much and be much more open and straightforward.

High politicians are often accused of lying. Do we want them to stop lying? I they stopped lying we could not say that they do it and thus we can too, because the higher people in hierarchy are the more prototypical they should be for the rest of the society.

Many modern people criticize Trump for being the way he is, but I think that it is a little bit irrelevant. the elite should criticize the voters because Trump is genuine to his voters- he does what he promised to in many ways and if he were different, he would betray his voters.

Unhappiness is when I do what I do not want to do. I believe that we all should try to be inspired by others but we should never do what other tell us what to do, that cannot make us happy. the happiness comes from within. this is what we can learn from others. not to do what they do, but how they do it. Sometimes paradoxically seeing how other do it can learn us how to do it in our lives.

Sometimes it seems to me that just writing and criticizing the world is easier than really doing something, but in fact thinking is very often much more difficult than doing something.

I heard that houses for elderly people in Holland are great complexes with barber shops, beauticians and so on. I ask whether it is really what people want. I heard a quote that the less God we have in our thinking, in ethics of companies and society generally, the more we compensate it by material things.

The limits of love to other are very difficult to draw. If I trust someone and he misuses the trust and makes me do things I do not want to then I must draw the line because the one not respecting the lines would stop to respect me. if I say genuinely that I do not like what one does then we keep the mutual self esteem. If I do what I do not want to (for example caring for someone in the family, having them at my own home and destroying the family ties because of such great burden) then I do less good than if I would put them into hospital. the trust is based on the balance between selfishness and stupidity. If I am too selfish, one cannot trust me, because I think more about my own good and all other cannot trust me. If I am too stupid and think more about the good of other, then I am not genuine as well, because I lose my self esteem and personality. I must accept that I am unique and must think about what I want but I must understand that all other people are as unique as I am and that I should love myself as I love others and I should love others as I love myself. Maybe that is what Jesus drew into the sand when they brought the woman who had committed adultery.

The speaker of our president of a man that compensates for the shame that our president does. He is a kind of antidote to the president because when people hear the speaker do the unpopular things, then although that president is the source of it, the people do not take it as seriously.

Self regulation of the judiciary system is a sign of its functionality. once the jury is ready to accept its faults and punish itself, then it is reliable for the people.

I ask myself why I do the kind of job I do-being a personal assistant for the people with mental handicap. I think that the main reason is that I am implemented in the process of their growth. I do not want them to be puppets listening to what I say but I do not want them to do anything they want what I consider bad for them. after all, it is my role to help them distinguish things that they cannot consider to be either good or not for them.

I heard a saying that we are today very much cyborgs by using mobile phones and medicine and drugs than we are by having artificial limbs.

The charity I work at and for comes for food that is thrown away in a supermarket nearby. Until that last year when the law was proposed to stop throwing it into the bing the supermarkets just threw everything away. unfortunately the homeless people are not able to get it then. prior to the new law, the homeless people could get it out of the bins because the knew where it was. now when we take it, they will not be able to get it. the sheltered housing I work at is not as poor as the homeless people. it is a pity that to get the food the lawlessness is better than when now the supermarkets must give it to the charity.

Should I support my partner in something I do not agree with? Once i do agree, she may influence others by my support the way I would like not. what if i support my child against my conscience but in order to do its will that I think should be supported?ii think that it is impossible to calculate about the future and very often the first idea is also the best one. A friend of mine told me do ever and say always the first thing that comes -honestly- to your mind, that means not being selfish or letting the anger upon other, but not being afraid of doing what I genuinely want to do.

Men have too high expectations when they approach women. they think that must do some great feets in order to attract them, but women really want a man that is reliable and un-selfish. the only problem is that women usually pay attention to the one that is most macho and most loud and attracts them at the first sight. women know their quest- it is in most cases to have children. to have strong children, they need a strong alpha male. however today, they may need more an intelligent although frail one because in the world of today the intelligence is much more vital than physical features. unfortunately, women but also men have these atavistic archetypes embedded so much in their nature that it is almost impossible to overcome it. only with great conscientious effort can we fulfill the relationships of today not based on the past but on what we need now.

Zoo is a place where there are too many species on a very little area. what does it mean? new york is also a place where there are too many nationalities and yet they are able to function not together but next to each other. in zoo, they would not be able to function because they would fight with each other. new york is also a kind of zoo, yet they have laws to obey and they understand that obeying the laws is beneficial for them.

we are witnesses to minorities gaining rights throughout the society. it is obvious that minorities have much more difficult times fighting for their rights. for example the german army in the second world war was told the irrational lie that jews and polish were subhumans and that they should be annihilated. yet the army believed it. how easy it is to influence crowds. I am very afraid of having leaders that may do the same thing again. i think that the more respect we have for weaker beings, not only afflicted people but also animals, the more we are able to not let ourselves into the trap of populism and easy solutions.

Mcdonald supports children fund but destroys rainforests with its meat production. it is so paradoxical that once one does good in one way, one feels entitled to not be so good in another way or sphere. it is this moral relativity that is even scientifically accepted to be true. we must always be ready to accept our evil nature but never be willing to feed it. as the old indian sayins says: we have two wolves in ourselves, the good one and the bad one. which one shall win depends on whom we feed.

why people get tattoos on places they do not see? is it because they want to show it to others instead of themselves? why would I do something because of others and not myself? i think that it depends on the maturity of one’s mind. should one accept one with all it merits and demerits, ones strong and weak features, one would not, I believe, the need to exhibit anything. nevertheless, we are never fully mature, luckily, and thus we also would accept our need to not be perfect all the time and accept our faults as well and not make remorses when one acts selfishly. it is difficult to accept ourselves but God created us even with our inabilities and we should accept them as well. there is nothing fully good and fully evil. take for example artificial pregnancy. we cannot say whether it is good or not. on one hand i think that it is very detrimental because when the body says it should not have a child,then artificially forcing it to have is very bad. on the other, it may bring bliss to the parents. nevertheless, the bliss is not always what we should seek. i think that once one does something according to what one wants and not what one should do, then one feels a kind of moral qualm inevitably. nevertheless, there is always a way for forgiveness and not repeating the action.


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