Equally evil

Is it possible to agree with having sex prior to marriage and at the same time refrain from using or accepting usage of anticonception? Pleasure and easiness of casual sex is the same as with anti conception. the one who renounces anti conception must inevitably renounce sex for pleasure otherwise he accepts evil and at the same time rejects it. This is the case of all of us. We all renounce what we do not like or aren’t capable of reaching and we like and vindicate what is pleasurable and easy for us. In most such discussions I had my listeners agree with the fact that most things we talked about are evil but always find some that are evil as well but my listeners do not want to accept such evil things. The former example is one such instance . my Christian friends renounce and reject very severely abortion but less severely anti conception and almost see positively sex before marriage . it has to be acknowledged that all examples are equally evil only people do not want to accept it.


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